Saturday, 13 February 2010


While I was away, there were two memorable stopovers for Short Circuit, on the text book’s blog tour which is drawing to a close this month. It has been a brilliant time with generous hosts, some very good searching questions.
In fact, so searching were some of the questions on one stop at Tom Conoboy's fascinating blog, that the discussion went on for three days… and turned into a tour de force interview/ discussion on short story craft, interspersed with eulogies for our old tutor who has not yet paid us(!).
The topics went something like this:
Time in the short story, resolution, the importance of reader-engagement with short fiction/reading for subtext, leaving room for the reader, plotting versus not plotting - Tom Conoboy Day 1
Appropriate language, the importance of character, opening a story, intuitve versus plotted writing, the issue of theme and the constraint of knowing what we are writing about - Tom Conoboy Day 2
Reconciling teaching craft with opening up creativity in students, the importance of a writer reading, reading, reading, my reading William Golding - Tom Conoboy Day 3

The importance of character’s names, using the senses in your writing, and the problem of procrastination – these were the focus at the stop with Nuala ni Choncuir, at her lovely blog Women Rule Writer.

Thank you both!

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