Tuesday, 16 February 2010


This is the other side of what I do - my magazine. Tom's Voice is an ezine , a rather special one, as it is only there for writing from those whose lives have been touched by addiction, in any way.
I created this little mag when I was teaching writing on a voluntary basis at a drugs rehab, 2004-07. The guys produced some marvellous work - it wasn't 'perfect' in some senses, but my God, it meant so much more than the pretty and 'perfect' twaddle that goes by the name of 'literature' these days.
Anyway. Here's Issue 10!!! With the majority of its content from submissions from the USA - simply marvellous.

And, please take a close look at the pic above. That's my desk. Tom's Voice Issue 10 is on the screen - and in front, are some bookmarks sent to me from a contributor to this issue, Aimee Dearmon. Aimee hails from Illinois, and she and some colleagues have formed a writing group , inspired by Tom's Voice. The bookmarks are theirs - and they have asked permission to call the group Tom's Voice. Needless to say, I am delighted, and hooured. So - meet the Tom's Voice Writing Group. of whom I am very proud.
TOM's VOICE MAGAZINE ISSUE 10, with contributions form Aimee Dearmon (in pic), and others, including fellow Salt author Matthew Licht and poet Jo Waterworth. With huge thanks to Zoe King, who uploads it for this untechy person.

(Oh also on desk, with the new Toms Voice bookmarks - a card saying 'Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light' - sent by a good friend who knows me well, and two fossils found on Charmouth beach. And on the wall behind the curtain - my promo poster for Words from a Glass Bubble, beneath the poster for the Frank O'Connor Festival 2008)


Lauri said...

Wow you are indeed a busy woman. Off to take a peek at the mag. Great!

Rachel Fenton said...

What a great thing - so many people are affected by addiction yet so little positivity seems to arise from it - or be heralded when it is - so good on you. I'm going to have a look at the mag and pop back later!