Wednesday 21 October 2009

The Marvellous World of Minniebeaniste

Why do I blog? Dunno, sometimes - but then delightful things happen, like being visited by people who bring something a wee bit magical to the day.
And thus it was with a visit from Minniebeaniste, who blogs HERE .
Please visit, but only if you will enjoy fabulously written posts, introductions to different places and people - including poet Pat Ingoldsby. Scroll down in the post linked above to find a poem mesmerisingly entitled Vaginas in the Vatican...unless you are a misogynist, of course, in which case you could try to transpose 'members' but it wouldnt have the same effect...


Anonymous said...

You've achieved the impossible, Vanessa - reduced me to speechlessness! Albeit not for long (& you're lucky it's all being related online, so you miss out on witnessing the gibbering phase: it's not pretty. Well, OK, it's downright ugly - mind you, I'd deliver a hefty slap to anyone who said so!).
THANK YOU. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, which are not only appreciated but especially now (don't post about it, but things not good). It is a rare treat to receive an accolade from an established writer of your reputation (Maggie Gee, a heroine of mine, is discerning enough not to give praise easily. High praise from her is high praise indeed).
PS Pleased to see you've made your comment facility more, er, inclusive ;-)! Minnie xx.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Funny old world...there I was just the other day, telling a friend that one of the happiest summers of my life was living in a squat in a disused electricity transformer building, part of a quarry on banks of the Loire, near St Etienne. We had to climb in through a boarded up window, and refix the boards behind us. Slept on a pile of cardboard boxes stolen from behind a supermarket, covered by a single grey blanket - prickly. I can feel it now.
You've brought those memories flooding back, for some reason. Thanks back to you!
(and yes, Maggie is fantastic. And generous with it.)