Thursday 22 October 2009

Notes from the Underground and a Sparky evening

Maiba's Ribbon, a story written to a photograph, and featured on foto8 magazine, is rerun on Notes from the Underground HERE, as part of a series edited by Clare Wigfall. (Scroll down to photo and link on home page)
And a little story entitled 'Stitches', about a bloke who has strange bedtime habits that include... er wait and see - will be aired at Sparks 6 reading night in Brighton, on 3rd November. May see you there.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story; not surprised the pic inspired it: Inge Morath was a superb photographer, sadly better-known as Arthur Miller's wife, mother of filmaker/writer Rebecca + mum-in-law of Daniel Day-Lewis ... the fate of so many women!
Wish I could be there on 3 Nov.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Thank you so much, M. And ta for the heads up on Inge Morath...