Monday 26 October 2009


What have Vanessa Gebbie, Tracy Emin, Joanna Trollope, Jo Brand, Alan Sillitoe, Lenny Henry, Gok Wan, David Gower and Kate Adie got in common?
Answer, all supporting adopted adults. But far more importantly, we have all contributed something for the book that will be sold on 30th November at a fundraising lunch for AAA-NORCAP. (Adults Affected by Adoption...)

Literary Fundraising Lunch 2009
The invitation says:
Join Kate Adie OBE for drinks on the Terrace and lunch in the Churchill Room, House of Commons 30th November 2009.
Kate Adie OBE, journalist, ex-BBC News chief news correspondent, adopted adult and author of ‘Nobody’s Child’, is the guest speaker.

A book of contributions from writers and artists – including Tracey Emin, Gok Wan, Alan Sillitoe, Joanna Trollope, Clare Short, Alex Wheatle, Benjamin Zephania, Valerie Mason John, David Gower, Lenny Henry, Jo Brand and – er - Vanessa Gebbie will be sold on the day. As well as our original contributions going under the hammer.
Allow me a squeak - Wowee. (Although it is a shrewd guess that Tracey Emin's drawing might raise a few pennies more then summat from moi!)

I am putting a gang together to go, so if anyone would like to join me, plus (so far), two friends (both writers) email me via my website HERE if you don’t know my email addy.

Full details of the AAA-NORCAP Literary Lunch, Churchill Room, House of Commons, 30 November: HERE


Lauri said...

How wonderful! I'd like to come- will you collect me? HA! No, Vanessa honestly- you do so much good with your writing. You are an inspiration.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Now, let me see - if I start out today, driving carefully, book a few ferries... I could get to you by - er... !!

Julia Bohanna said...

This sounds delicious in all senses. I will actually be in London on that day, actually IN Westminister. What time is it?

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hey that would make a good party! All I know is it's lunchtime...drinks on the terrace, with a poet reading... then lunch hosted by Kate Adie.

email me!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could join you and, better still, contribute. All I can do is weedy virtual-type stuff. Although will definitely have A Word with A Higher Authority about the matter(ie La Patronne, who is now out of her glass case & stands poised up on the altar in her chapel (accompanied by vaseful of fresh flowers).
That's bound to do the trick ...
PS Tracey Emin's 'work'? Pah! Yours infinitely more valuable, child Vanessa. Min xx

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi Minnie - yes please, have a word in La Patronne's shell-like. She must be related to The VM who inkhabited a glass bubble, hence the title of the book...ha!