Thursday 29 October 2009

SHORT CIRCUIT - now available for pre-order

Short Circuit is now available for pre-order. On Salt Publishing's website, HERE (Look, I'm sorry about the photo of moi on the website there - really. It is a poser's paradise, that pic. Just concentrate on the BOOK!)
I would like to visit as many blogs as would like to invite us,... to talk short stories, about how this book came together, about the amazing generosity and passion of the contributors - and to share some writing fun with your readers. A few writng ideas... a different one invented specially for each blog!
Because it IS. It's hard work, but it is fabulous when it goes well - and this book is aimed at opening up that magic.
Email me, blog owners - vgebbie AT gmail DOT com

An essential read. Short Circuit is a collection of essays from writers who are passionate (and successfully!) about short fiction. A real gold mine of insights and ideas for aspiring writers and for those seeking a refresher. The Bridport Prize


Rachel Fenton said...

The Faulkner quote made me smile (more than your photo!)

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that pic, young lady - tres glamour, en fait.
Would love to invite you onto mine for guest post; but (a) nobody reads the bally thing, & (b) the people who do aren't writers of fiction (more's the pity). If you can think of way around this that permits you to have your say on mine, do let me know.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Thanks Minnie!

Jessica said...

Hi Vanessa

I woud like to host the book on my blog but I have never done anything like this before!


Vanessa Gebbie said...

ooo that would be great! I'd love to visit 'Little helper!' Thanks Jessica

can you email me, vgebbie AT gmail DOT com