Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Last night, at London's Foundling Museum, Words From A Glass Bubble was launched.

It was the best possible event. I was surrounded by 130 friends - writers and non-writers. The champers flowed, the noise level was high, there were three readings and a constant opportunity to explore this wonderful place with the help of experienced guides.

I will post pictures when they come through... but HERE IS A LINK to Elizabeth Baines' blog, with her piccies, a lovely account of the party, and the book...

And Sarah Hilary, a super crime writer (and winner of one of the Fish prizes this year) has written it up on her blog HERE

Can't ask for nicer words from either of them. Thank you both. It was lovely of you to make the journey to London, one from Manchester, one from the Cotswolds.


Shameless said...

Congratulations, Vanessa! Sorry I couldn't be there to share in the fun and to hear you reading. Next time. Good luck with the book. :-)

Vanessa G said...

Hi Shameless, it would have been great to meet you... maybe I can come to your debut book launch!

Frances said...

Many congratulations, Vanessa. A brilliant launch for a great book! So sorry I wasn't there.


Nik's Blog said...

Yes, congrats from me as well.