Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Smokelong Quarterly and Innisfreee Poetry Journal

I love Smokelong Quarterly. Each time I teach a flash fiction workshop, I use examples from here to show what the form can be.

I had one of my very first publications in Smokelong back in 2004.

It's been a labour of love to get something accepted again, and finally! "Wei-Ch'i"...LINK HERE.

There seems to be a thread running through the whole issue, as the editor says. Loss and discovery merging into one. Wei=Ch'i certainly fits that.

And Innisfree Poetry Journal has just gone up together with a historic contribution... my very first published poem, To Not Be Water (with acknowledgements to Bev Jackson for both inspiration and encouragement!)

INNISFREE LINKED HERE Please read Eric Pankey's work... especially a poem entitled Walk With My Father.

Poetry is a slippery beast. Whenever I think I've 'got' something, can understand something, it slips away. My tutor David Grubb is very patient, thank heavens.


Frances said...

Vanessa, this is such a beautiful, wise and aching, grieving - yet accepting - story. "After all, the wrong partner was better than no partner at all" - that strikes home and seems to be the story's lightly touched-upon centre.


Vanessa G said...

Thank you, Frances.


Nik's Blog said...

I loved the story too. Fab stuff.


Vanessa G said...

er... and would that be a certain Nik Perring I see in the lists?

nice one Nik! Good to be published with you!


Onyeka Nwelue said...

A nice blog indeed. And you are really writing wonderful things.

Vanessa G said...

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting. Blogs are such good places... I read yours with great interest too.

I will visit often!


Nik's Blog said...

Yes, tis I.

Good to published with you too. It's a good place, is Smokelong.