Monday, 31 March 2008

Waterstone's Spring Selection... Golly...

Words From A Glass Bubble is in the Spring Selection in Brighton Waterstone's Newsletter. Front page stuff too!

There's this lovely lady there called Sara Crowley who is also an astute and talented writer, and she interviewed me (you can read her fascinating, ascerbic and often hilarious blog from a link on this one...)

According to Waterstones Spring Newsletter then, Words from a Glass Bubble
contains some of the most beautifully crafted and engrossing stories that one can read,...a rare talent...characters becoming real as she relates their tales with wit, compassion and an unflinching eye."

Thanks Sara and Brighton Waterstones, for a terrific 'review'.

Now all Sussex readers, get down the Brighton Waterstone's, pick up a newsletter and find out about their regular book group meetings, and other exciting developments in store!


Sarah Hilary said...

Terrific review, Vanessa, and what a coup! Entirely deserved; that's exactly how I felt about the stories.

Vanessa G said...

Thank you!