Sunday, 24 January 2010


Did anyone see The Sacred Made Real at the National Gallery? It closed today, sadly, so if you missed it you’ll have to travel to Spain instead (what a chore!) and visit the many different churches, monasteries and cathedrals that loaned their works of art for this extraordinary and deeply moving exhibition of polychrome statues and paintings.
St Francis of Assisi featured several times, as statue and portrait. I’d forgotten the words so often attributed to him – aren’t they wonderful? Happy writing, and be kind to each other until St Ryan of Air brings me home to my study.

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change those that I can
and the wisdom to know the difference.


Rachel Fenton said...

I could do with a tad more of the wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Vaya con Dios, Vanessa! Wish I could have seen the exhibition, as I'm passionately interested in mediaeval art of all kinds (bit thin on the ground in these parts!). And the prayer is wonderful. I've known it since St Trinians: it featured regularly and prominently in our school assemblies - thank you for the reminder. Hope all goes brilliantly for you in Ireland.

Sue said...

Thank you, V, for reminding me of those words,just when I needed to be reminded.

Sheila Cornelius said...

I'm recently back from being a volunteer teacher for a couple of months in Zamora, one of the cities of historic Castile where the art of processional statuary still thrives. The spooky collection of lifelike 'retableaux',in the Semana Santa Museum, where they are guarded by lifesize models of hooded monks, is quite unforgettable. Zamora is said to have the best Semana Santa procession in Spain, and I can well believe it.