Thursday, 25 September 2008

BT Nightmare Customer Services...again!!!

I have now heard from 'Vicky' at Customer Services.

Is it an agreement to supply my Dad with a replacement phone whilst the defective one they supplied is mended? Nope
Is it an offer of a new phone, as they shouldnt supply defective goods in the first place, and an apology? Nope.

Vicky wants to know when I bought the phone, as she has no proof I have bought it.
Sadly for Vicky, I sent all that info on 13th Sept. To Andy. Who authorised the return of the phone already.

is this surreal, incompetence, or a dastardly attempt to spin this out so that it's out of warranty anyway?

Who cares.

I've bought another phone. They made another sale!! Wheee. Vicky probably gets a bonus of 50p. The shareholders must be delighted.

Here are today's emails. I am trying to stay polite in my replies... it is getting hard.


In a message dated 25/09/2008 17:29:33 GMT Standard Time, writes:
Dear Vanessa,

Unfortunately we've not been able to trace your order with the details you've supplied. We need one of the following pieces of information: a delivery note number, an invoice number, or an account number.

Please send us the requested information and an estimated date of purchase.


Customer Services
BT Shop

Dear Vicky

The information you requested was supplied on 13th September to Andy, in your office.

here it is again taken from my account:

16/12/2007: 9652238 Order Complete £45.99

You have already authorised a return of the faulty phone. I believe this is incorrect practice, and that having sold me a defective item, BT ought to be replacing it.

This exchange is, like all the rest, being put on my blog, and the whole sorry story is causing much mirth, and not a little anger. it is also going to the local papers when it is resolved, positively or negatively. Do check me out. I am a writer and a journalist. BT picked the wrong customer to play silly games with.

I have had to buy a new phone for my father, as to send your defective one back would leave him without a lifeline. As already explained. Several times.

If you spin this out long enough, the phone will be out of warranty. Mind you, that might be the whole idea. Can I suggest you pass this to your supervisor?


Vanessa Gebbie

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Brian G Ross said...

I work for BT, Vanessa.

It's a sad state of affairs at the moment.

Sorry for the problems you and yours are havin'.