Friday, 5 September 2008


The Sean O Faolain short story award shortlist has now been announced, and two of the writers are friends!

Michelle works in the Fiction Workhouse, and Julia Van Middlesworth won this year's Fish Short Story Prize and we met in Bantry in July!

We will meet again in a fortnight, as she is coming over to Cork from the USA for the Frank O Connor Festival.

Lovely stuff!

(My two entries bombed... and there was me hoping to earn a wee bit towards the MPhil. Nothing for it. I will just have to go out and sell me body. Now, how many times does 10p go into £1,800???!)

Here's the whole shortlist:

Genine Lentine, San Francisco, USA

Anna May Mangan, Wembley, UK

Terese Svoboda, New York, USA

Elizabeth Costello, Dublin, Ireland

Cathy Sweeney, Bray, Ireland

Natalie Diaz, Surprise, AZ USA

Benjamin Arda Doty, Minneapolis, USA

Colm Keegan, Dublin, Ireland

Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau, Cotes C'Armor, France

Julia Van Middlesworth, New Jersey, USA


Sarah Hilary said...

I was thrilled to see Julia's name on that list too. And Michelle's of course. Congratulations to all the short-listed entrants. And commiserations, Vanessa. You and me both. But I don't think I'll try selling my body around here - the village is much too small and word would get around too quick and I have to look my daughter's teachers in the eye every so often, alas.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Julia is one wacky lovely lady, I am really looking forward to seeing her. And Michelle is trying to make it too. I dont think much writing is going to get done in Cork!!