Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Interesting rejection

Followed up a flash submission sent in May with a query.

Flash is about an agency nurse who kills elderly patients and takes their flowers. She kills for flowers... gettit?

Reply came back within a few hours. A rejection saying:

Well written story but I don't like reading about wasting diseases, so I am passing on this one.

Makes you wonder if they read the right submission!



Douglas Bruton said...

Yep... can be wacky this place we inhabit. I got one that said they really liked the writing (a broken love affair and a cat that was drowned in a sack)... they thought it poetic and beautiful, but the editors were cat lovers so had to pass, 'please send more but no dead cats'!!

I can sub murders and they get accepted. Harm a cat and nobody will touch what you wrote!!

You just gotta laugh... I mean really laugh.


Women Rule Writer said...

The most interesting rejection I got recently was 'These poems are like hot pants when perhaps I'm looking for something a little less draughty.' (The poems were short, which is my usual style.)I liked it; it certainly beat a form rejection. The rejecter sent me a lengthy email and asked to see some fiction instead which they are now publishing. A REAL editor. So rare!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I love that editor without even knowing which pub. it is! Brilliant story.

Lauri said...

Sometimes, I must say, I prefer those form rejections. I have a couple personalised rejections that laid me flat for days.

But all three of your stories are hilarious- thanks.