Sunday, 28 September 2008

Writing isn't only writing...

But I wish there was more time..

things I'm doing as well as writing:

1) Liaising with the publisher about contractual issues, marketing issues, design issues on behalf of the One World Anthology team. (easy... writing emails, carrying messages back and forth)

2) Revving up for the next round of reading for Cadenza short story competition, closing on 31st Sept. I have 'first-read' a lot, and sent my 'results' to Zoe King. Will read the remainder this week... looks like a lot, though as they are still coming in.

3) Visiting my agent on Wednesday in London, for a sweep up/catch up, general MOT.

4) I have been asked (very exciting this) to be contributing editor/project manager sort of person for a fab new book, which will be a godsend for short story writers all. Watch this space. I am drawing up ideas. As Baldric said, 'I have a cunning plan...'

5) I've been asked if I will consider a three day residency at a school, this term. A specific brief. Sounds lovely, and would be a godsend to pay for over half the first year of the MPhil.

6) Starting to re-panic about MPhil. But I am also really looking forward to working with the other writers and tutors. We meet up for the first time over the second weekend in October.

7) Planning the flash workshop I'm running in late October.

8) I'm going to BERLIN next weekend! Cant wait. Nothing to do directly with writing, apart from everything I do being related now.

9) Writing a poem

10) Hoping to complete John/Thaddeus section of 'thing like a novel' by mid week, first draft.


Jen HE said...

Is that all? What a slacker!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Dreadful, innit. Makes memo to self: must work harder....