Thursday, 25 September 2008


Last night saw Ride The Word III at Borders, Oxford Street, London.

Readings from five Salt writers, poets and short storytellers, naturally! I read a while back with Jay Merrill and I was looking forward to hearing her. She is a great performer, reading her stuff with a laconic grin in her voice.

Charles Lambert - short story
Isobel Dixon - poet
Simon Barraclough - poet (on Forward shortlist...)
Jay Merrill - short story
Vincent de Souza - poet

It was particularly lovely to meet Charles Lambert, whose life and times I follow on his blog, linked here. His book The Scent of Cinnamon is a terrific collection of stories. I took his novel (Little Monsters, pub Picador) for him to sign, and now have an inscription half in Italian half English. Super.

Jay was great... despite the threat of a sore throat... she made us laugh with her dry delivery and whizzy characters.

Vincent read his motorbike poems. I want to READ them. Or to hear them again. There seemed to be so much hidden in each line.

Isabel read poems about her father, among others. They were so engaging, and emotionally straight as a die. Lovely to hear, but again, I want to linger over them.

Simon B's work is shortlisted for the Forward prize. I am tempted to buy this collection too...oh dear. I need to make more money....

Charles Lambert read the final story from The Scent of Cinnamon, a fairy tale-like story, which had the audience spellbound. he too is a good reader.

We repaired to a nearby pub and spent a jolly hour or so chewing the cud or something.

I plucked up courage to ask if there was a chance of joining in any reading slots in this series of events... and yes, there was. I am joining them in December. Moral of the tale, dont be shy!

It was also lovely to see fellow Salt author Elizabeth Baines, and I was only sad that she couldn't stay longer... she had to rush for the train.


Prior to the event, I had supper with Tania Hershman (another Salty!) and Sarah Hilary, crime writer.

I'm afraid supper was slightly overshadowed by a short and wonderful meeting with a lovely guy called Jon.

Well, it's not every day you meet your step-brother for the first time. Or such a handsome one!


Sarah Hilary said...

John was a ray of sunshine not a shadow. You are lucky to have such a lovely step-brother and I'd say he's pretty lucky to have you, too. It was a great supper - just sorry I had to leave before the readings. I will definitely try and make the December ones; I love hearing you read.

Alison Woodhouse said...

Sounds a very good evening. Let me know the date of the December reading - I'd like to come down if possible. A x

Vanessa Gebbie said...

3rd December at The Foundry... details over there on the right!

see you v soon