Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you: the longest interview in the world. ALEX KEEGAN talks about many things, including BALLISTICS

" What did I do with that five thousand words? I'm sure I put them down somewhere..."

12th December sees the 20th anniversary of the Clapham rail disaster. Over the last few weeks I have been talking to a writer who survived the crash but whose life was changed radically as a result. Alex Keegan, as most people who read this thing know, was my tutor.

It IS the longest interview in the world. It may well have to be split into several component parts. And it is probably a bit of a text book. But he talks openly about the accident that changed him. About his writing. About his teaching. Why not?

So. On 12th December, the anniversary of the Clapham disaster, I will be posting the first part of the interview. The rail crash. What happened. And the aftermath.


Julia Bohanna said...

He was very cute as a child.

Tom Conoboy said...

A damned fine writer and a damned fine tutor. I'm looking forward to Ballistics coming out, and I'll be watching out for the interview too.

Alex Keegan said...

Julia, I'm cute now, in an old fat and ugly way of cute.

But that isn't me. It's my son by my previous marriage. I took it from a LONG way off with a 500mm lens.


Alex Keegan said...

Thanks, Tom.

I don't know if you remember "Leaving the Kremlin" but that is in there as the closing story, "Happy as Larry."

Hope the writing goes well.


Women Rule Writer said...

Alex, Your soon is adorable. Those liquid eyes. Looking forward to the interview. Thanks for this, Vanessa.

Women Rule Writer said...

Alex, I meant your SON is adorable, of course...