Thursday, 25 December 2008

V's Christmas

Well - it started with a fab meal in London on Tuesday (oysters and sea bass) followed by a group outing to see Bill Bailey.
Unfortunately, you know what they say about oysters... I think I might have actually lost some weight over the last few days.
Still, better enough to have a great day today, and for the sake of the newly enlarged family, here are some pics.
Happy Christmas from Sussex.

Toby giving his old Mum some new music for the car..."Get rid of The Dubliners, Mum..."
Toby and NatsChris
Alex, my sister-in-law, showing us how to get high marks on Guitar Hero!
With Nick, eldest son
Playing 'Cranium' after lunch
My Dad

All the team, Christmas morning walkies Toby and Ian

A bit of karaoke - Nick and my daughter-in-law Nats

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doris said...

YAY!!! Merry Christmas - we are about to embark on armgnac-soaked prunes wrapped round foiegras, and the goose is coming up lovely! Great to see you all, thanks Vanessa!