Wednesday, 10 December 2008


What a great afternoon! Tea with Jen Hamilton-Emery, Director of Salt Publishing, to get her all on a sugar high before her award thingummy this evening!
Afternoon Tea at The Goring Hotel, London. A treat for an incredibly hard-working lady. A bit of a Chrissy pressie, and sheer indulgence. (We were also discussing a book project, but I'll leave that to Salt to announce officially.) There were smoked salmon sarnies. Sorry, sandwiches. Quail sarnies. Egg n cress sarnies. Coronation chicken sarnies. Scones and clotted cream. Mince pies.
Then cakes... a choccie one. Two sponge ones. (That's Jen below with a pink shiny sponge thing.) A tiny trifle in a shot glass. A pear and choccie tartlet. A mini eclair. And a bottomless pot of tea. Eeeh. Perfection.

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pierre l said...

Apologies for the late comment, but the cup-cake in the last picture really looks tasty.