Monday, 22 December 2008


I'd like to spread the word about a new initiative. Called Sponsor-a-Mum, all the info is HERE on their website.

The founding force is a couple called Antonia and Toby Madden. Antonia 's own Mum, a terrific lady called Jan Newton, died just bfore Christmas two years back. She was a good friend of mine, and my little book is dedicated to her memory.

The two founders of Sponsor-a Mum say this about themselves, and what they are trying to do.

Toby is a professional photographer and filmmaker and Antonia has worked in the charity sector for a number of years. This experience and knowledge developed our passion for equality and human rights and a desire to raise awareness and advocate for those who are disadvantaged, especially in the area of maternal health.

The concept of Sponsor a Mum developed from two things. Firstly, our knowledge of continuing and rising maternal death rates in Africa and Asia ensued our desire to get maternal health top on the world health agenda. Sadly, Antonia's mother Jan died in 2006. The inspiration of Jan and our motivation to change the experiences of many women in the world today, invoked the idea of Sponsor a Mum. We approached a medical research charity, IMET2000 who were very interested in our idea and supported us throughout the trip. We are now part of their charity, receiving financial and administrative support.

Please take a look at the website. I've just watched the film. It is beautiful, and very moving. What a thing to see... just before Christmas too.

Go on................and please spread the word on your blogs.


happy Christmas!