Monday, 29 December 2008


Yes, we all have a sinking feeling in the pits of our stomachs. Did you know stomachs have pits? I know arms, grapes and apples etc do.... but I digress.

Panic at The Fiction Workhouse. Yesterday all the files were wiped out for some reason. Two years' work, near as dammit. Whole libraries of craft articles, stories back to the Stone Age. Arguments and debates, discussion and back patting exercises. Flash section, blast work, all the critiques (thousands of pages) commiserations, all the market info, competition info.

I sat back and thought how much Mac, Mimi, those anon posters who pop in here and preach, and all those who dont like what we do, will love this.

And how much they will HATE that we have the back up files, and can reinstate everything to as it was about a week ago, so I hear from the trusty technical wizards in the team. And actually, even if we didn't, the team would still work to collect together again: new libraries, new craft posts, and the only thing that would disappear would be the poorer stories from a year ago.
Sail on, FW!


Orbific said...

Good on you guys for having backups. I had a horrible feeling that your post would end like these stories usually do. It's good to finally hear a data-loss story ending "But it was all backed up and nothing was lost."

(I've often wondered if backing up makes it less likely your hard drive dies.)

Mac said...

***I sat back and thought how much Mac...... will love this.***

Why on earth should I love this...? Because I dropped in and pointed out what a cow you can sometimes be, a truth that half the net agrees with...? Of course I don't love it, so stop making ridiculous assumptions. This ignorant comment of yours says a whole lot more about you than it ever could about me. Happy New Year.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Mac, I am afraid I have little time or respect for anonymous posters, apart from having a wee bit of fun at their expense.