Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Ride the Word was lovely, with ten of us Short Circuiteers reading, a lovely warm speech from Salt Director Jen Hamilton Emery, followed by a rowdy pizza party up the road - and a visit to a pub en route. Here's a few pics courtesy of Elizabeth Baines - pics of various doing readings - Tania Hershman, Alex Keegan, Elizabeth Baines, Lane Ashfeldt, David Gaffney, Sarah Salway, Jay Merill and meself, who acted as ringmaster again and read a bit from Edwin Tregear just to depress the hell out of the audience. I'm getting good at this. (Ringmastering, not depressing people...!)

It was lovely lovely lovely to see friends from the old Fiction Workhouse in the quality audience - Claudia, Alison, and a real surprise - a great one - Bob Jacobs - who used to be the technical lord behind the whole thing. Also there was Jon Pinnock, Emily Benet (we swapped books) and Selma Dabbagh. And it was great to meet Tom Chatfield, Arts Editor of Prospect Magazine. I was sorry not to have more time to natter - but the Short Circuit Christmas bash beckoned...
Here is a slice of pizza for all the writers who couldn't be there. We had a great time, catching up with old friends and cementing some new friendships, planning reading events, more books, all sorts!
Back on Gatwick Express, dropping Marian off in Brighton at half past midnight. Then I'm steaming along the A 26, half asleep, eight miles to home... and this...
which meant an unscheduled detour back to the coast, along to Newhaven, up to Lewes, and then home... a round trip of far too long at that time of the morning! Got home at getting a bit old for all this...but it was a lovely event. Thanks to all who read, all who came to listen, to Jay and Vincent for the invitation, and to Jen for the lovely money for pizzas and wine!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there! And not just for the pizza, of course ... Your trip home sounds nightmarish - having had similar experiences, I can appreciate how much; but I bet you synthesise it all and use it to drive (pun strictly not intended), feed and enrich your writing. Bon weekend, Min x