Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Fabulous invitation! To eat, drink and talk about writing at the Sussex House Party, on January 16th. How fantastic is that?
The Sussex House Parties are the brainchildren of Gilly Smith, whose creative energy and entrepreneurial spirit equals three barns full of ordinary creative spirits.
Check out Gilly’s website HERE and be prepared to be both amazed and exhausted. Gilly has some fourteen books out there, including biographies of Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. Founder of the incredibly successful Juicy Guides to Brighton, without which no self-respecting shopper, eater, buyer of property, etc etc would be seen dead.

The Sussex House party is a dinner event for eight guests only, held at her wonderful home set in the Sussex countryside. The guests will all be writers looking for a refresher, ideas, a buzz, the company of other writers.
The formula is simple, and brilliant, as all winning formulas are – make the guests a great, home-cooked dinner, start with a champagne reception to warm the conversation muscles, make sure wine flows. And the secret ingredient – add a published writer into the mix who adores what they do, loves sharing, and isn’t averse to a glass or five of bubbly.
And the stage is set for a terrific evening.
Check out the websites for further information
– the Sussex House party dinners cost £50.00 a head – including said champers and wine, and food (naturally) and said writer. Metaphorically speaking.

Also, watch out for more news. There is a fabulous barn in the grounds, in the process of being converted into a writing retreat. With facilities tailor-made for writers looking for space and time to write alone in the most beautiful part of the South East. It will also be perfect for complete workshops for groups. I reckon this is one of the most exciting developments in the area.
Gilly is letting herself be inspired by proximity to Charleston Farmhouse - playground of the Bloomsbury set. This retreat will be anything but staid and boring - my guess is it will surround creative spirits with inspiration. Can't wait.
Stop Press: Virginia Nicholson, grand-niece of Virgina Woolf and granddaughter of Vanessa Bell, and author in her own right - of among others 'Singled Out' has confirmed for the February 26th Sussex House Party. Same deal - eight places only, £50.00 per head.

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