Friday, 11 December 2009

Minnie on Normblog -

Jack Kerouac Rd has nothing to do with Minnie Beaniste. But I liked the place, (Right by City Lights Bookshop, San Francisco), and I like Minniebeaniste's blog, and the pictures she conjures with her writing. Link down there somewhere on me list. I also like her outlook on life, as evidenced by her super profile today on the blog of the great and wonderful Norman Geras - Normblog. HERE.
If she lived next door, we would probably spend a lot of time in each other's kitchens, drinking first coffee, then something more interesting - giggling like a couple of teenagers. (Er - What's that cackle I hear???)
Here are just a f ew of the questions and answers which tell me that I love this lady, a bit.
What is your favourite piece of political wisdom? > 'Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.' (Claud Cockburn)
What do you consider the most important personal quality? > Imagination, because without it there can be no creativity, no invention and no insight, empathy or compassion - no civilization, in fact.
What personal fault do you most dislike? > Greed.
She is more than generous, mentioning this funny little blog of mine, here. Minnie, Thank you!
These profiles are terrific. They do allow a glimpse of the person behind the screen - I know Norm sends out a whole raft of questions, and asks you to select the ones you want to answer. So the choice you make is also interesting!
I was 'done' last year - my profile is here. Some questions and answers chime rather well with yours, Min!
Congrats on your profiling. And I'm trumpeting it for you me dear, even if you won't.


Anonymous said...

Subject of post arrives here, blushing furiously (gurning madly, punching air with feeble fist, dancing jig and generally Not Acting Her Age): what can I say?
'Thank you', for a start - although that's not nearly enough.
Vanessa's right: if we lived anywhere near each other, I know I'd be in and out of her kitchen (+, I hope, she mine) as often as poss.
It's been a while since I read Vanessa's, so it hadn't occurred to me that our Normblog profiles might have points in common - it should have! Will now re-read yours when I visit his next (usually daily!) - and you're right: his blog's fab.
As is your blog and you, missus.
Min xx

Anonymous said...

PS Meant to confess you hit upon something, there: I love the Tarot!
PPS Do your cards, missus? Spesh off today ...

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I wish I had time to visit all my best places daily. If there were more hours- or if I didnt have to sleep, was like Maggie Thatcher and worked all night.
No strike that. I would not be MT for the world!