Friday, 11 December 2009


These great bloggy tour stops with peeps who hadn’t done interviews before! They are all so good, here's a wee drink. Three straws please...
It was lovely, putting together the blog tour schedule for Short Circuit – it’s a text book after all and I wanted to know what peeps who have completed uni courses or not, might think of it. So, I am visiting several people who have never done an interview for their blogs before --- and here are three of them.
Jessica at Writers’ Little Helper, today. On editing. J says this in her intro:
"Short Circuit is the kind of book I wished was around when I did my Masters and Degree. This book has a different author for each chapter as they explore the important elements of a short story. Reading their writing process is more insightful to a writer rather than the 'How to' approach that you find in most creative writing books. As well as using the advice for short story writing I also believe you can adapt some of the ideas for novel writing too. The reading lists and short exercises at the end of each chapter are really great for writers block cures!"

Kate at Emerging Writer, yesterday.

And earlier, Sophie Playle. On everything!

I think you’ll agree – some fantastic searching questions, and I’m delighted. These writers are where Short Circuit will sink or float and it looks like we're fine so far! Thank you so much to you all.

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