Tuesday, 8 December 2009


First, a huge thank you to Tania Hershman, multi-talented woman of many parts, for creating a fabulous website for Short Circuit. She even managed to wave a wand and buy ‘theartoftheshortstory’ domain name. I really love that. I love the way ‘heart’ appears in that name – as that’s where the best writing comes from! Have an explore, let us know what you think, and watch for news and views. HERE it is.

The first news and view to go up is the blog tour itinerary, as follows. I have included links to Nik P who was so keen to get going that he posted his the day after the book came out!! And Sophie Playle’s interview was stunning – some wonderful questions. Thanks Sophie and Nik. Im looking forward to the next stops.
16 November Nik Perring
5 December Sophie Playle
10 December Emerging Writer
11 December Writer’s Little Helper
14 December Fiona Joseph
17 December Strictly Writing
20 December Umi Sinha
4 January Sara Crowley
7 January The Short Review Blog
15 January Lauri Kubuitsile
21 January Sue Guiney
27 January Nuala Ni Chonchuir
29 January Tom Conoboy
1 Feb Jon Pinnock
15 Feb Sally Zigmond’s Elephant in the Writing Room

Planning – I am of course using Short Circuit as a set book in Stockholm next term. I will also use the work of many of my favourite writers including Ms Hershman as examples of the best – from Carver to Calvino, Constantine to Keret. But the other set book will be the anthology ‘Freedom’, compiled by Amnesty International, and reviewed on Short Review HERE.
And Guardian Online HERE
With short stories by some of the world’s best writers including A L Kennedy, Petina Gappah, Helen Dunmore, Yann Martel – based on clauses from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – if that doesn’t appeal to the ‘yoof’ of Stockholm, I don’t know what would.

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