Saturday, 5 December 2009


A call for submissions ...
.Cent magazine is a beautiful, heavy, punchy magazine that comes in its own slip cover and costs an arm and a leg to post, it is that heavy. I hadn't heard of it, until I saw a call for submissions - each issue is a compilation of original work from artists of all kinds.
This from their website:
.Cent is here to celebrate creativity. It is that simple. The process, the people, the products.
We like being different so at .Cent we ask the creatives themselves to write the content instead of working with journalists. This way, readers hear all about fashion, beauty, art, music, design, illustration, architecture, literature, film, gardening, food, and more. The editorial content comes from the creatives, about what inspires and excites them, in an emotive language directly to the reader.

A call for subs, people. get to it! here's the email from the power that be.
Hello from .Cent magazine. We hope you are all well.

Currently .Cent is working on the forthcoming issue ‘Sense of Purpose’ that will be released in Spring 2010. The Guest Editor for this edition is Keith Reilly, founder and Creative Director of the club and record label Fabric.
For those who haven’t received this biannual creative writing email before then I'll briefly explain: the contents of every new issue of .Cent is split up into chapters. Every chapter has a title chosen by the Guest Editor. For each chapter we encourage writers to submit work that interprets its title. Chosen authors’ work will be printed in the magazine, leading a chapter's content.
For issue 15 the chapter titles are:

Cause and Effect
In Pursuit of Beauty
Improbable Perfection
Simplicity of Form

If you’d like to submit your writing then the brief is as follows:
• Strict maximum word-count of 350.
• Submission deadline is Monday 4th January 2010.
• You can submit poetry/prose/script.
• You may submit to as many chapters as you wish.
• Submissions and published work are on an unpaid basis.
• Please state if work has been previously published elsewhere. The work will still be considered however we’d like to know in advance.
• Please feel free to interpret the title as you wish, although it is worth bearing in mind that .Cent will select the piece that best encapsulates the chapter theme.
• The chosen submissions will be printed in the issue. If it is yours then you will be sent a magazine and tears.
• Submissions that are not selected to be printed in the magazine could potentially be published on the website.
• .Cent reserves the right to make the final decision.

To submit work:
• Please email submissions to by no later than 4th January 2010.
• Please state how you would like to be credited. Therefore, your name as you would like it to appear in print + mention a website? Or a current project? Perhaps published work? However we can support you.
• Please include within the submission your contact details- email, postal address and phone number.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

This sounds really interesting – I haven't come across this mag before and it's always nice to see UK-based stuff.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I hadnt heard of it either, before someone sent me the subs call last year. I was lucky enough to have a piece accepted, and was blown away when my copy arrived! It is very good stuff. Well worth subscribing as well - an endless source of inspiration.

Rachel Fenton said...

Do they accept overseas subs?
Looks great.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Maybe drop them an email to check before subbing??

Teresa Stenson said...

Hiya Vanessa, hope you're well. Cheers for the info on this one - looks really interesting.

I've just nominated you for a 'Kreativ Blogger' award - you might have one already - have a look at my blog for the info... :)

Stephen said...

Missed the deadline by a month or so. Feel free to visit and see if any works are worthy of the future. Http://
as ever be well