Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I am supporting my younger son, Toby, in his fundraising venture to raise £15,000 for Help for Heroes.
Tobs is seventeen, and in his last year at school. Whether or not you support the crazy offensives we've got ourselves mired in, the guys who go off and fight aren't that much older. In fact, Vijay, a great guy who was at school with Tobs will be going to Afghanistan after Christmas with the 4th Rifles, (previously the Royal Green Jackets).
When you're seventeen there's a lot of partying, and a lot of hard work trying to get to the right next step educationwise, or workwise. And this Mum is quite proud of her guy who wants to spend some of his time organising a fundraiser for something as worthwhile as this.
They are doing a skydive in the spring, and I gather that there are members of staff at T's school signed up, students, and parents.
Help For Heroes is a charity set up to help the guys who are wounded on our behalf, and their families. HERE it is online -
Three of Toby's mates walked the Southdowns Way earlier in the year, raising thousands for the same cause. They are a good bunch.
So although I wouldn't normally put fundraising widgets on here, I am making an ex ception.

There is a widget on the blog, over there, up top----->>> if anyone feels moved do add a wee bit to the total, HFH will be grateful.


Calistro said...

As the daughter of an ex-army dad I'm more than happy to donate. Hope they have an amazing experience (rather them than me, I started sweating just watching the celebs jump out of planes on I'm a Celeb!)

Vanessa Gebbie said...

hey, how lovely. On behalf of the lads, thank you. Im an army daughter too of an ex-army dad- only my Dad is 94 and wears his MC on special occasions! Well done on the second book.