Saturday, 12 April 2008


I had my sixty minutes of fame today, being the guest on Coastway Radio in Brighton.

Much natter about Words from a Glass Bubble, writing, my teaching, competitions, and also mentioned were looping the loop, visiting Spitzbergen and writing in the garden shed.

My music was eclectic to say the least. This is hospital radio, covering the enormous Royal Sussex County and Brighton Eye Hospitals... I wanted to make it fun!

1) Tom Lehrer, The Elements
2) Tom Lehrer, She's My Girl
3) The Beatles, Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
4) Andreas Scholl (Countertenor) Blow The Wind Southerly (beautiful!!)
5) Carl Maria von Weber, Clarinet Concerto no 1 in F. minor op.73, Rondo
6)Donovan, Jennifer Juniper
3) Dusty Springfield, I Only Want To be With You... (only Rosemary pressed the wrong button, and instead we had Ken Dodd singing Happiness... oh well.

Much mirth to finish off!

A brilliant hour, great publicity and a good laugh!


Charles Lambert said...

Blow the wind southerly... Kathleen Ferrier's version actually makes me cry at least one time out of three.

Vanessa G said...

Oh yes... her voice is so beautiful. Andreas Scholl's version is beautiful too, but 'tis funny, it doesn't make me tearful.