Monday, 28 April 2008

Meme-free zone

I hereby declare this blog a meme-free zone.

Ive been researching what they are. Having started off as some scientific jargon for interchange of cultural ideas (or something that takes Wikipedia several acres of screen space to define) they seem to have been appropriated by the blogging world.

I found one really useful one that suggested participants should take photos of their knickers. That sounds really useful, in some circles!

Being of sound and sometimes open mind, I'd love to hear from anyone who has something good to say about them.

Why are they not just a pointless timewaster?


Ossian said...

Well I knew it was a Mimi free zone.

That's the problem with society these days, it's all meme meme meme...

Vanessa G said...

Ah, well spotted, Sherlock!

maybe Mimi has transmogrified herself into a global timewasting virus?


Jim Murdoch said...

If someone dropped me an e-mail and said, "Jim, we're getting really bored with you waffling on about literary things all the time. Why don't you give us a break and list half a dozen things that interest you that have nothing to do with books or writing in any shape or form?" then that would be fine, a nice wee distraction but it's being expected to impose the meme onto your friends that annoys me.

The first meme I did I didn't even know was a meme. I saw a site where someone listed where they we at 10, 20 and 30 years earlier so, being that bit older, I did up to 50 years. That was a bit of fun, something different. The second one someone sent me and I was so embarrassed having to tag people that I've sworn never to do one again. If the topic interests me then I might blog about it but I'm not playing the meme game again.

Charles Lambert said...

You saved yourself from being tagged by a whisper, Vanessa!

Vanessa G said...

ha! thanks Charles... and I greatly appreciated Glass Bubble being mentioned on your responses... lovely to think of being out there on an Italian desk!