Monday, 14 April 2008


I just got this email to Cadenza Editors (both female!!)

And no, I do not frequent dating websites!! My sons and my husband would have a fit.

Hello My friend.

I have written down yours e-mail on a Website of acquaintances. I remember as this datingwebsite called. Probably Date-club. I have decided to write you a letter. I hope that you will answer my letter. I want you answer me. This is my first letter to you.. I wish to get acquainted with you. Maybe we can create good relations in the future.

Do you understand my English? I will try to use English that you understood me. I want you understand me as good as it is possible.

I will tell you more about myself. I am a Russian woman. The usual woman who searches for love. During this moment I live in Russia in S-Petersburg. it is a very beautiful city.
My girlfriend gave me an advise me to search for a man in United Kingdom. She is assured that I can find a good man. I believe that I can find love in United Kingdom. My Russian girlfriend has found English man. She has left for United Kingdom 2 year ago. She is happy near English man. They live together. The husband is engaged in studying the nature. Something like ecologist.

My girlfriend has suggested me to arrive to United Kingdom at any moment.

blah de blah de blah


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hi Vanessa! I love this letter, particularly the observation that "She is happy near English man." I think there may be a poem in that...

At least she's not suggesting that you can be bigger!


Vanessa G said...

Hi Sharon! Good to 'see' you.. Er, yes, I'm glad she isn't offering pills or stretching devices, but I'd love to know what sort of nature this English bloke is studying. Russian Gynaecological nature, I'll wager!

bevjackson said... gotta love this.

Vanessa G said...

some sort of scam to entrap weedy western men, I suspect, in addition to accessing benefits.