Sunday, 20 April 2008

Reading Groups, Bonnie Scotland

I'm spending a few days in Scotland.

Frst, I was invited to attend a meeting of a book group (actually an amalgamation of two book groups) in Elgin, last Friday. Glass Bubble had been read and inwardly digested by some very incisive, sparky readers! It was a brilliant occasion, loads of good quality feedback and great questions to tax the old brain.

The book's been taken to a school, and requested at the local library.

Then, I came over to Ullapool, where I'm staying for a few days in a guesthouse that has to have both the best view and the best food in the universe, Tanglewood House, struggling with a bit of the novel.

It was lovely to wander into the Ullapool Bookshop, and find Glass Bubble on the shelves.


Women Rule Writer said...

Oh, I lived in Ullapool for a year! Lovely place, filled with fond memories. Is the book shop still in the Ceilidh Place? I used to work there, in the CP.
Enjoy Loch Broom, the Ferryboat Inn etc etc and hope the words come easy.

Vanessa G said...

Hey, I had lunch there yesterday! And yes, there's still a bookshop in the Ceilidh Place...but the Ullapool Bookshop is nearer the port. Love this place. Try to come here when we can.

SueG said...

Sounds wonderful, and so exciting to actually see your book on a bookshop shelf. I think doing the book club scene is terrific. It's great for the readers, but probably even better for the writer, don't you think?

Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

Sounds heavenly, I hope the inspiring scenery is getting your fingers moving swiftly and the words flowing. Fabulous about Glass Bubble in the bookshops... I must try and get my local here to stock it! Ullapool --> Jerusalem. :)