Monday, 14 April 2008


"Buddha" by Beverly Jackson (collage/encaustic 2007) is in the collection of John and Nancy Cottle, Destin, FL.

ECLECTICA'S new issue carries the work of no less than four Workhousers.

Firstly, three flashes written to Beverly Jackson's stunning collage (above). The Eclectica eds looked at ten pieces submitted blind, and selected their top three.

So... for Beverly's own writing, then that of Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau and Anna Britten CLICK HERE NOW!

Then new arrival Ravi Mangla, by chance, has a longer story in the same issue... CLICK HERE NOW!


Writing to images is a wonderful thing to do.... something I learned a while back and now use a lot.

Two other flashes written 'to' Bev Jackson's collage have been accepted for print publication by Southword. One by Joel Willans, the other by yours truly.

Try it... I'd love to see the results!

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