Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Far more interesting... saving tadpoles.

I went on a long walk on Monday up a hillside overlooking a loch, pine woods, rivers and snow-covered mountains. And in damp patches and puddles up this hillside there were many splodges of frog spawn, hatching and wriggling. Miles from the real water.

So...on Tuesday, while all this crap was going on (see below), I went back to the hillside with a friend, two dogs, one large green bucket and a scoop.

Think of all the lives we saved! And wow, does a bucket of frog spawn and taddies weigh a lot. It was a fair trudge back to the car, and a fair drive to a suitable pond.

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Michelle Tandoc-Pichereau said...

Ah. Good for you, V! We all need more tadpoles. =) Wonder why they got lost so far from the water?