Saturday, 12 April 2008

University Update

Remember? I was told a decision would be reached letting me know whether I had the place I had already been offered in another decision-making process, by the end of the week...

and was I?

(confusing, innit!)

Did the email go ping, the phone go ding or the postman ring?
Did a carrier pigeon land on my windowsill with a missive in its claw?
Did a little balloon float by with a small bear attached (remember Winnie the Pooh?)... and did the bear drop a letter down my chimney?

Am I being very silly?

Yes. Because I have again heard nothing.

What should/can I do now? All suggestions very gratefully received


SueG said...

Jeez. So infuriating! I say call them Monday morning and keep calling until you get an answer. Be your usual nice self, but enough is enough. Don't you think?

Vanessa G said...

I have phoned, many times. The people who answer the phones are delightful. The people I met up there, admin and academic staff, were delightful. The prof has been delightful.

I think they all live and work on different delightful planets and you have to book interstellar rocket-ships months in advance to effect communication between them.

I am beginning to see the funny side though. What would we do without our sense of humour?