Monday, 7 April 2008

University update

For anyone interested in the university situation:

I emailed the administrator, having phoned to find out her name and being told she was away until today.

'I have no paperwork' I said. 'I've been told I have a place...' I said. 'But dates, fees, who my tutor is, residential requirements, thoughts on research proposal... actual written confirmation... zilch' or words to that effect.

Reminder: I was offered a place to start last Autumn by email, as someone dropped out. But was deferring, due to a student who threatened to leave if.... remember? (Only of course, I said nothing about that... and now I'm beginning to wonder if that was a mistake...)

I heard back from the administrator this pm.

I no longer have a place, for sure.

Current situation: they are letting me know by the end of the week whether I do.


But even then... if the answer is yes, all it does is repeat what happened last August. I had that reply back then!!!

If the answer is no... someone is having a real laugh, aren't they? When I applied I was 54. I will be 56 before I hear a reply. Nearer my God to Thee and all that.

I have to say, I am on the verge of giving up. I'm being advised to give up! I'm being advised to recontact the Uni who offered me the place I turned down... or to just forget the whole thing.

It's beginning to sound the least stressful option.


Tania Hershman/The Short Review said...

This is crazy. I mean, I know all universities are admin hell, but if they cannot do you the simple courtesy - or they are simply too disorganized to figure it out - of letting you know whether you have a place, I would strongly suggest you think about what else it is they can't do properly. You must be going loopy! I hope it is resolved soon.


Vanessa G said...

Know what? I reckon it's because I wanted to defer a place. It was outside the normal procedures, laid down in whatever manual... and the paperwork was lost.


pass me the little blue pills.

Nik's Blog said...

I have zilcho experience of uni's, but, gah! - what a situation. Hope it's sorted soon.


OSLO said...

Vanessa, what a debacle! And all because of someone else's sensitivities/issues too. I really hope they sort it for you.

Vanessa G said...

Thanks guys, but I'm not holding my breath. I think I gave up on Monday, finally, after 14 months.

c'est la vie.